5 Places to Find Cute Maternity Activewear

Looking for affordable but cute maternity activewear? Check this out.

Looking for cute and comfy maternity activewear? I’ve scoured the mall and the web to find you the best picks.  If you’re like me, sitting around all day waiting for 9 months to pass is just not an option. Moms, even pregnant ones, need fitness. But depending on your pregnancy and your body, however, you […]

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Foam Rolling 101: Tips & Techniques

Foam rolling tips and techniques.

Curious about foam rolling how-to’s and benefits? This article is just for you! Please note: this post contains affiliate links for the foam roller I personally use.  Foam rolling is something that many people are still unfamiliar with. I didn’t even really know what it was until I started working with a personal trainer about […]

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Best Home Gym Equipment On The Cheap

Top home gym essentials.

Building a home gym on a budget? Wondering what the best home gym equipment is? Here are the top three items you actually need! Note: This post contains affiliate links to the best home gym equipment you can get on a budget. Even though I’m personally a workout gear addict, it’s taken me a long […]

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C-Section Recovery 101: Tips & Information

Find tips for c-section recovery.

Wondering how you can help your body with c-section recovery? Find useful tips and exercises in this post. Note: This post contains an affiliate link. Find more info here.  As some of you may know from previous posts, I am a full-fledged C-section mama. My first pregnancy ended in an emergency C-section, much to my […]

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Is a Low-Carb Diet Really The Best Way to Go?

Is a low-carb diet really the best for you?

Are you thinking about trying a low-carb diet to help with your weight loss efforts? Read this first. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. 🙂  A low-carb diet is something that many trainers and fitness influencers may recommend when trying to lose weight. But why? How do you know that it’s right for you? Several […]

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Sweet & Tangy Balsamic Power Salad Recipe

Try this tangy balsamic power salad recipe today!

Looking for a new power salad recipe to try? This summery salad is perfect! I have always been a, “caesar salad from a bag” kind of girl. Growing up, I didn’t hate salad, but I stuck to really basic stuff slathered in creamy, fat-filled dressings. When I found out that most salad dressings are full […]

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