How to Start a Mom Blog That Helps You Lose Weight

This post is designed to teach you how to start a mom blog, beginning with the technical aspects of choosing a domain name and a hosting company. Once you have a blog started, it also contains fifty ways to begin building your blog. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Hi there!  I decided to write [...]

31 Cheap Fitness Gifts for Anyone on a Health Journey

Looking for great fitness gifts under $25? Here are 31 cheap fitness gifts for the healthy junkie in your life. Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Read more about what that means on my legal page.  Finding cheap fitness gifts for the people in your life doesn't have to be hard. It also doesn't [...]

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Laundry Day Full Body Workout

Looking for a fun full body workout? Try the laundry day workout at home! This total body workout for beginners will help you get stuff done around the house while toning and strengthening your entire body. Note: This post contains affiliate links.  As someone who has been teetering between healthy and overweight pretty much her [...]

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