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ZYIA New Release Wednesdays – Nov. 20th

ZYIA new release Wednesdays

As you know, I am new to ZYIA and I realize that some of you are too! I figured that I’d start a series called ZYIA New Release Wednesdays because each and every week, ZYIA releases a brand new set of clothing! Fun! Welcome to ZYIA new release Wednesdays! In these short-but-sweet posts, I share […]

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The Problem With Weight Loss Journeys

Do you have a new mom in your life? Here are 21 great ways to help a new mom out.

Most of the time when I write a blog post I do it with all the “bloggy” things in mind. I’m talking about search engine optimization, the things that I think resonate most with fitness audiences, and advice that you might find helpful. But what I like the most about blogging is that I can […]

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