What is Affiliate Marketing? (Plus the Easiest Way to Start)

What is affiliate marketing? Are you new to the idea? Here's the easiest way to get started - and an explanation of this important marketing technique. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Whether you're a blogger, social media influencer, or both, affiliate marketing may be a key component for your business. It's the way that [...]

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December 2017 Fitness Business Update

Want to turn your passion for fitness into a business? Want to earn money online and stay accountable for your fitness goals at the same time? Check out my December 2017 fitness business report.  I wasn’t planning on talking about my blog income or fitness business goals much here on Ironwild. But the more I [...]

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How to Start a Blog for Weight Loss Accountability

Have you ever thought about how to start a blog to chronicle your weight loss journey? Find out how to use a blog to help you reach your fitness goals and make 2018 your best year yet! About a year ago, I quit blogging about blogging and gave myself quite the ultimatum. If I was [...]

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