Free Body Measurement Tracker

Get a free body measurement tracker to keep better track of your progress on your weight loss journey! You've heard it before - the number on the scale isn't the best reflection of your health. It's not a good reflection of your progress when you've started a weight loss journey, either. You've heard this, but [...]

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10 Reasons I Will Never Be a BeachBody Coach

Are you doing research on MLMs such as BeachBody? Has anyone ever tried to convince you to become a BeachBody Coach? After many coaching offers and a lot of research, I'm putting my foot down. Here are my ten reasons I will never be a BeachBody Coach. Please note: this post may contain affiliate links. [...]

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What is Affiliate Marketing? (Plus the Easiest Way to Start)

What is affiliate marketing? Are you new to the idea? Here's the easiest way to get started - and an explanation of this important marketing technique. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Whether you're a blogger, social media influencer, or both, affiliate marketing may be a key component for your business. It's the way that [...]

How to Start a Mom Blog That Helps You Lose Weight

This post is designed to teach you how to start a mom blog, beginning with the technical aspects of choosing a domain name and a hosting company. Once you have a blog started, it also contains fifty ways to begin building your blog. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Hi there!  I decided to write [...]