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What Is Rewilding? + 7 Easy Ways to Rewild

ways to rewild and what is rewilding_

What is rewilding? Could it be the missing piece in health, happiness, and fulfillment? Find out why I am obsessed with the concept of human rewilding lately and why I think it’s important for people who are unhealthy or unhappy. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Even though the concept of rewilding is seemingly new, […]

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Easy Steps To A Chemical Free Home

Learning how to have a chemical free home doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Follow these simple steps to build a non-toxic home!

Going to a chemical free home with natural household and beauty products helped me realize that health has many meanings. Here’s how to go chemical-free, and how going natural can help you on your personal health journey, too. Note: This post contains affiliate links for The Grove Collaborative, which is where most of my natural […]

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How To Design A Postpartum Workout Plan

It’s postpartum workout plan time! Need help knowing how to put together an effective postpartum workout plan? Learn how to combine healthy eating, pelvic floor exercises, and regular exercise to make the perfect postpartum workout plan. Hi there! My name is Chantal and I’m the owner of this blog you’re reading, Ironwild Fitness! I’m a […]

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