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Can You Make Money With A Fitness Blog?

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Can you make money with a fitness blog? How do health blogs make money? Read my February 2020 fitness blog income report to find out! Contains affiliate links.

Hi there! My name is Chantal and I’m a mom, personal trainer, and fitness blogger!Can You Make Money With A Fitness Blog?

You may not have heard of me before today, and I am TOTALLY okay with that.

Full disclosure – I am NOT a “big-time” blogger making six-figures. Yet. 🙂

But I DO make money blogging – and it’s enough for me to keep going.

So if you’re curious about how to make money online, this is for you. If you’re curious about how to make money blogging specifically, then you’re definitely in the right spot.

And, to take it a step further, if you’re a health coach, personal trainer, or other wellness professional, this is EXACTLY where you need to be.

Can You Make Money With A Fitness Blog?

The short answer is yes, but there’s just way more to it than that. Some people believe that it’s no longer a good time to get in the blogging game, but since I’m making okay money and I can only see it improving, I beg to differ.

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If you’re a personal trainer or health coach, I’d argue that having at LEAST a website it critical in this digital age. But if you’re here with the question, “How can I get rich in fitness?” then mayyyybe you’re in the wrong spot.

That’s because blogging is a long-term biz. So go ahead and leave now if you’re looking for some get-rich-quick kind of thing.

how do health blogs make money?

How do health blogs make money?

To be totally transparent, I have been blogging off and on for over five years. So I have a lot to share with you to answer the question of, “Can you make money with a fitness blog?

But to scratch the surface, let me briefly list the primary ways to make money with a fitness blog:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ad revenue
  • Product sales (ebooks, courses, etc.)
  • Online personal training
  • Sponsored posts/brand partnerships

For more extensive info, check out how to make money online as a personal trainer or my in-depth post about how to make money blogging.

How do fitness websites make money?

I want to get more specific with my examples, so I have decided to include my latest income report in this post. So here’s the breakdown:

Ad Revenue: $ 82.65 (I have Google Adsense on my blog, and I JUST installed it, so this number only reflects three weeks.)

ShareASale: $4.21… This is an affiliate network that houses/manages many different affiliate programs.

Restore The Core Sales: $9.99 – I created a monthlong ab workout program in digital form, and made one sale.

21 Day Postpartum Challenge Sales: $14.99 – I sold one digital copy of my postpartum workout + clean eating challenge.

Siteground Affiliate Sales: $100 – I helped two people start their own blogs using my recommended hosting service and received a commission.

Amazon Affiliate: $43.96 – I link to many Amazon products on my site and receive a commission.

Total: $255.80

So, can you make money with a fitness blog? The answer is yes, but it’s a constant work in progress.

Update: Read my latest income report in which I made over $400!

Why isn’t it more?

I can tell you EXACTLY why I am not already making the “big blogging bucks.” If you’re interested in becoming a successful fitness blogger, I would be paying attention.

While it took me some time to pinpoint reasons I’m not making more money, here are a few reasons that are certainly impacting my revenue:

  • Inconsistency. I blog when I want. I take weeks at a time off, don’t have a set schedule, and don’t *always* treat this like a biz.
  • Lack of product. I only have three products on my site. (Here’s my store.) And I have only recently added those products.
  • Price point. None of my products cost more that $15 right now. That means that in order to make “big bucks,” I’d have to sell hundreds of them per month.
  • Brand inconsistency. I get bored and I also like to test a lot of things. So my brand is changing a lot – which is bad from a marketing perspective.
  • Amateur SEO skills – I have a lot of traffic from Pinterest and a little from Google. More traffic would translate to more money!
  • Site age – my blog is less than three years old. Had I kept and been consistent with my first blog, it would surely have a bigger audience and more traffic.
  • I don’t do Insta, YouTube, FB. As a personal choice for my mental health, I don’t do FB at all. I do YouTube and Insta casually, but not seriously. This makes me ineligible for many brand sponsorships.

Is it worth it?

Well, let’s break this down. It cost me less than $60 to start my blog with Siteground a few years ago. (Click for a blog startup tutorial.) Now, it costs me $15.95/year to keep my domain name (site name/URL).

Since I get decent traffic now, I spend a little more on my hosting package – I spent $119.64 for the year to be exact.

So if we break this down monthly, it costs me roughly $11.29/month to keep this site up and running. (And no, I don’t have other expenses unless I opt for extras.)

So mathematically, I am still making a profit every month – easily! Yes, to me it’s worth it!

Can you make money with a fitness blog?

Is this the only way to make money fitness blogging?

Of course not! You should keep in mind that I am doing things this way because I need the flexibility to do so. You may have noticed that I don’t sell physical products, or that I don’t sell personal training online.

If I did, I might have a larger income (or not)!

I choose to do it this way because I want my income to be as passive as possible.

I write an ebook once, and it can be sold over and over again without inventory costs, overhead, etc. It is so nice to wake up in the morning, check your email, and see a payment notification – everything is automated!

The same goes for ads – they are there. I don’t do anything but send traffic to my site and make money. This too, is the beauty of affiliate links.

While I could stand to make more complicated and products, I choose not to because I don’t feel like I can dedicate that extra time and energy to it right now.

How do I start a successful fitness blog?

I have MULTIPLE, extensive fitness blog tutorials and a bunch of articles about blogging in general. Here are a few to get you started:

So, I hope that helps you understand how health bloggers make money and helps you answer your initial question: Can you make money with a fitness blog?

Want to learn more about Ironwild Fitness and what I do? Check out the video below!

Can you make money with a fitness blog in 2020?

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  1. I love that you kept your blogging income real and didn’t try to suck people in with fake numbers. I don’t have Facebook either. My mental health does NOT need that additional stress. Keep up the good work!

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