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7 Great Business Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

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Are you a homemaker who wants to earn some money? Here are 7 great business ideas for stay at home moms!

Are you a homemaker who wants to earn some money? Here are 7 great business ideas for stay at home moms!

Hey there! Want to know all of my secrets about making money from home as a mom?

You’re in the right place!

I’m Chantal – and I have been making money online since about 2014. (That’s the year that I became a mom!)

I have searched high and low for the best possible ways to earn money online. I’ve learned a lot, lost some money, earned money, and learned a little more.

But let me be the first to tell you – yes, it is totally possible to make money from home. If you’re looking for business ideas for stay-at-home-moms, you’re in the right place.

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In This Post: Everything You Need to Know About Business Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

This article has a ton of information, but here’s a quick breakdown of what’s in it:

  • My business & working from home experience
  • What you need to start your own business from home
  • The best businesses for stay at home moms
  • Tips for success while making money as a homemaker

It’s a lot of info, so buckle up!

How I Got Into Business As a Stay-At-Home Mom

My story is probably not so different than yours. I became a mom and just couldn’t entertain the idea of leaving my kiddos with someone else while I worked some soul-sucking job.

I wanted to stay home, but I also wanted to make money. If I could contribute a little bit of money to my household each month, I’d feel a lot better about staying home.

So I spent my early days as a homemaker Googling ways to make money online.

Needless to say, I had a lot of information to wade through. A lot of the money-making ideas were legitimate, but there were thousands that weren’t.

Some of them required a lot of money to start (capital), and I just didn’t have it.

I needed something that I could start for a reasonable amount of money (let’s say $500 or less) and could fully operate from home.

Back then, I started with free and simple side hustles like survey sites and cash-back sites.

(I still use these because money is money! My favorites are Inbox Dollars and Honey.)

Then I discovered blogging and affiliate marketing. I also dabbled in MLMs. Pretty soon after that, I discovered how to make money with digital products and Print-On-Demand.

Don’t worry, I will explain all of these in detail. But the point is, I’ve learned a lot about making money online in the last 9 years.

Now, I’m happy to share my favorite business ideas for stay at home moms so that you can earn online too!

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business ideas for stay at home moms

What You Need To Start Your Own Business From Home

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a bit of a learning curve when you’re starting out. But the good news is that you can start earning online pretty much right away!

But what do you need for my business ideas?

First up, let’s talk money. None of my business ideas require more than $500 to start. (Actually, most of them can be started for $250 or less.)

But really, I don’t think that’s the most important thing you need.

The most important thing you need when it comes to these business ideas for stay at home moms is the willingness to take risks.

You have to be willing to take a risk knowing that you might lose it all – but you might learn a LOT. You might also earn a lot.

With all business endeavors, you need to be willing to learn from your mistakes and just keep going.

While you can start earning money right away, you’re not going to be a millionaire in your first 6 months. It’s just not a get-rich-quick sort of thing.

So don’t let fear and emotion guide your decisions. Be open to learning and making mistakes in the name of progress. 🙂

Perseverance is everything in business!

Now that I’ve said my piece, let’s get to the best (cheap) business ideas for stay at home moms.

7 Great Business Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

1. Blogging

I will probably scream the joys of blogging on the rooftops until the day I die.

Blogging is my absolute favorite business idea for moms, but I will warn you – it’s not a super fast way to earn money.

You main job as a blogger is to create written content. There’s a lot to learn and build.

But the beauty of it is that it allows you to be super creative and write about whatever you want. You can have a blog about knitting, hiking, frugal living, personal finances, or anything else you want.

Whatever your biggest passions are, you can blog about them!

As far as making money is concerned, the possibilities are pretty endless when you have your own website.

Here are the basic ways to make money with a blog:

  • You can use referral links to earn commissions on products you love.
  • Create & sell your own digital or physical products using your site. (Ebooks, courses, t-shirts, you name it!)
  • Offer services (like trainings, website work, photography, etc.)

Just think of the possibilities!

I personally use every single monetization method there is with my blog, even selling an online course on my fitness blog. It is such a great way to earn extra income from home.

Approximate Startup cost: $100

Earning Potential: Uncapped

Quick Link to Get Started Now: Siteground

More info on how to start your own blog: How to Make Money Blogging | Beginners Guide

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn extra money without spending any, this is for you.

Affiliate marketing can be done with or without a website. This is one of the most cost-effective business ideas for stay-at-home moms because you can start for free!

At the minimum, you need Facebook friends or some sort of social media accounts. You can even post affiliate links on your own YouTube channel if that floats your boat!

Affiliate marketing is basically just “word of mouth” marketing that earns you commissions! It’s just making referrals using a personalized link from the brand or product of your choice.

You can sell things from Amazon, promote your favorite clothing brand, etc.

Example: I link to postpartum belly wraps & back support products in my articles about postpartum recovery. When someone purchases, I get a $10 commission!

Truly, all you need is an audience and an idea of what you want to sell.

This is easier than ever to do because Instagram and Facebook allow you to put links in your stories or bios – meaning that you have earning potential fairly quickly and easily. You don’t have to write entire blog posts to promote things.

The only catch is that you have to earn people’s trust and start building an audience to improve your earnings. (If you’re not a fan of social media, this one is probably not for you.)

Approximate Startup cost: $0

Earning Potential: Uncapped

Quick Link to Get Started Now: ShareASale Affiliate Database

3. Print-On-Demand

Print-On-Demand shops are becoming increasingly popular, and I have dabbled in them for a couple of years now.

It’s a super attractive business model because you don’t have to carry inventory in order to sell things. (Which also makes the startup expenses very low!)

Print-On-Demand is exactly what it sounds like – products don’t get printed until they are ordered. Even if a customer only orders one thing.

But the best part about this business model is that the hardest part about it – the fulfillment and creation of the actual product – are handled by a third party.

So all you have to do is set up an ecommerce website using something like SenPrints or Shopify, then create some designs to sell (I use Canva + Printful to design), and you’re ready!

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or do anything fancy.

Start promoting your store via social media (or however you want!) and watch the sales roll in. Work as little or as much as you want, and sell as many products as you want.

Approximate Startup cost: $50

Earning Potential: Uncapped

Quick Link to Get Started Now: Shopify

4. Direct Sales

I might get a lot of hate for this one, but hear me out. It may not be one of the best business ideas of all time, but it’s still worth mentioning.

MLMs can be a legit way to earn money – if you don’t give up easily and choose wisely.

I have tried a couple of different direct sales companies (Beachbody, ZYIA, and Q Sciences) and I learned a LOT! I may not be with one right now, but I don’t regret doing it.

A ton of people were making a killing with these companies, but I personally just had too many ideas in my head and got spread too thin with all of them.

However, as Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad says, even MLMs can offer you great business and sales lessons. If it will teach you something that you can use in the future, it’s a good idea!

For me, they were super fun and motivational environments that forced me to think outside of the box when it comes to money.

If you haven’t already, why not consider the learning experience of joining a direct sales company? You don’t have to carry inventory or create a website! Just sign up and start selling!

Approximate Startup cost: $170

Earning Potential: Uncapped

Quick Link to Get Started Now: Modere

5. Crafting / DIY Products

Are you loving all of these different ways to side hustle yet?

I don’t have a crafting bone in my body, but maybe you do. Whether you’re a painter, knitter, wood carver, or know how to make awesome body butter, this idea has great potential!

This is one of the best jobs for housewives because it also stimulates your creativity and passions!

If you have a special talent to create cool products, why not sell them at Farmer’s markets, holiday bazaars, flea markets, or other venues? (No need for a website.)

While I have not personally tried this yet, my parents do this as retirees and make $6K plus per month (and way more during the holidays). They travel around to different craft fairs and markets – and have a ton of fun doing it!

Of course, your expenses depend on your product and how many fairs you want to get into. (Since they typically charge a small fee for a booth.)

Don’t want to sell in person? You can always open an Etsy shop!

Approximate Startup cost: $250-500 (for materials & booth fees)

Earning Potential: Uncapped

Quick Link to Get Started Now: How to Make Money From Your Handmade Crafts

6. Freelancing

Ahhh, freelancing. It’s a world of possibilities. It’s also a great gig for any stay-at-home parent.

You can be a freelancer with any number of skills – this isn’t just a business for writers and photographers!

Nope, you can be a freelance artist, website developer, copywriter, videographer, model, etc. I have seen people freelancing as website auditors, accountants, grant writers and more!

You just have to develop a skill – unless you already have one! (You probably do!)

I have personally only freelanced as a writer and Pinterest VA (more on that later), but it’s been fun and can be very lucrative.

You can work as much as you want to and set your own prices. You don’t need a website, but it helps when you start to get serious.

All you need to do is start talking about your work to friends, family, or on social media. Pretty soon, people will begin to remember you as the authority or “go-to” person for your set of skills.

Trust me, they will start asking you for help! This is how all of my freelancing gigs have come about. Word-of-mouth goes a long way.

Even if you wouldn’t make a great freelance writer because you lack writing skills, freelancing in general is worth looking into!

Plus, how cool would it be to help small businesses and own one yourself?

Approximate Startup cost: $0-100 (for an optional website)

Earning Potential: Uncapped

Quick Link to Get Started Now: Fiverr

7. Virtual Assistant

Still need business ideas for housewives or SAHMs?

This is a really fun home-based business idea for people who are organized and self-motivated. All you need is a solid internet connection, a smartphone, and a computer. (Which you likely already have!)

A virtual assistant is much like a secretary, executive assistant, or personal assistant in real life. You typically do small tasks that a business owner just doesn’t have the time to deal with.

The only difference is that it’s 100% online! What a great thing for us homemakers!

I have recently entered the world of being a Pinterest VA, and it’s really fun and flexible. But you know the best part? I became a Pinterest Virtual Assistant simply by learning the ins-and-outs of how the platform works in terms of marketing.

Once I established myself as an expert in the world of Pinterest (for my own business purposes), I began to have conversations with other business owners who were overwhelmed by it.

Naturally, they asked if I could help them out. Now I’m managing 3 different Pinterest business accounts (and getting paid to do it)!

You obviously don’t have to be a virtual assistant in the same realm as me. There are virtual assistant opportunities for literally every type of business, and this field is growing a LOT right now.

Approximate Startup cost: $0-100 (for an optional website)

Earning Potential: Uncapped

Quick Link to Get Started Now: How to Become A Virtual Assistant

There you have it, friends! I promise you that business opportunities are just about everywhere you look these days. You just have to look!

Tips For Success While Making Money As A Homemaker

Before you go, I want to share some important business lessons with you. A lot of articles list a whole bunch of ideas, but they don’t share the motivation and encouragement that a lot of us need.

I have been at this whole “digital marketing” thing for quite a while now. There’s a lot to learn, and there are a million ways to get discouraged.

But people that don’t take risks never move up in life.

So last up, I want to share a few tips for making money from the comfort of your home:

  • There are always more potential clients. The market will always have room for you – don’t let the world say otherwise.
  • Develop a very specific skill (or 3) and you will always be able to find work.
  • You really can make good money from home. You just have to work hard and view every mistake as a learning experience.
  • Any great idea can be a business – and you can have more than one.
  • Owning a home business can have really great tax benefits. Learn about legal deductions and enjoy!
  • Be generous (with your time and knowledge) to the new moms in your life – they may need this info too!

That’s a wrap! Did any of these seem like a good fit for you?

I hope that now that you have some great business ideas for stay at home moms, you go out and make one work for you!

Best of luck,


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