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Bodyweight Booty Workout – 4 Killer Moves You Can Do Anywhere

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Are you looking to strengthen your glutes and tone up your booty? Look no further for a killer booty workout! Here is the perfect bodyweight booty workout – and you can do it anywhere with simple exercises for glutes. 

Recently I was contemplating how I could get my workouts and programs out into the world.

Did I want to do virtual training?

Did I want to get a conventional job that would force me to find childcare for my kids?

Or was there another way?

Bodyweight booty workout

After a lot of research, I decided that creating posts, Pins, and ebooks was more my style.

I know that a lot of bloggers and fitness influencers are doing great by putting together workouts and programs this way, so why couldn’t I?

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I’ve always been a writer, but never a designer or photographer.

It’s taken me several years to settle into a blogging style, so taking on any new projects is a pretty big undertaking.

However, I set out to find great exercise graphics to help my readers visualize what they need for my workouts and programs.

Bodyweight Butt Workout

I finally found some decent graphics that will help me as I hop on the ebook train.

I’m currently developing a 4-week core strengthening program, so I’ve already been playing around with exercise vectors that will help people understand the exercises I prescribe.

So why not use some of those babies for some easy, mom-friendly, short workouts?

Update: My program is live! Find Restore The Core here. 

I noticed that so many people are all about “growing that booty,” so I decided to start with a bodyweight booty workout!

It’s perfect for people who don’t have the budget for a gym membership, anyone who travels a lot, stay-at-home moms, and people with limited equipment.

So let’s get started with this booty killer!

bodyweight squats for the glutes
Bodyweight squats for me!

Bodyweight Booty Workout – 4 Killer Moves You Can Do Anywhere

In the Pin, I didn’t include instructions for a warmup or an explanation for each move. That’s what this post is for.

Warmup of Your Choice

I don’t ever recommend just jumping into a new workout. You should always warm up for at least ten minutes.

That being said, how you warm up is up to you. I recommend 5-10 minutes of arm circles, marching, walking, jumping jacks, etc.

The goal is simply to get your heart rate up so that your muscles can get warm. Static stretching (where you just hold one pose) is optional, but for this workout, a classic hamstring stretch held for 20-30 seconds is recommended.

Here’s what that looks like:

With your feet planted hip-width apart, simply drop your hands to the floor, or as far down as you can reach.

Now, here are the first instructions for the bulk of your bodyweight booty workout:

You’ll complete all four exercises back to back for one set. You’ll repeat the set FOUR times. In between each set, you’ll want to rest for 30-60 seconds.

During this time, catch your breath and get a drink of water. It looks like this:

  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise 4
  • Rest 1 min
  • Repeat

Bodyweight Booty Workout Exercise Instructions

Exercise 1 – Donkey Kicks – 15 Reps (Repetitions) Per Side

Begin on your hands and knees. Raise one foot to the ceiling, driving with your heel on the way up. Lower to complete one rep.

Exercise 2 – Kneeling Leg Raises – 15 Reps Per Side

Begin on your knees. Fully extend one leg to the side and support yourself with the opposing arm. Raise your extended leg as far as you can to the ceiling, keeping your foot flexed on the way up. Slowly lower your leg to the floor to complete one rep.

Exercise 3 – Bodyweight Squats – 15 Reps

Begin in a standing position with feet planted hip-width apart. Slowly lower your hips to the ground while keeping your torso upright.

Use your arms for balance if needed. Focus on engaging your core and squeezing your glutes (booty muscles) at the top of each squat. To modify, try a shallower squat.

Exercise 4 – Glute Bridges – 15 Reps

Lie on your back. Plant your feet on the floor with your knees pointing to the ceiling. Slowly raise your hips to form a bridge, squeezing your glutes (booty muscles) at the top.

Lower your hips to the ground to complete.

Bodyweight booty workout - a killer workout! I call this the bodyweight booty killer because you don't need equipment. No equipment, do anywhere home workout for your glutes.

If you want, you can Pin the image to keep handy anytime you’re looking for glute-firming workouts. You can also save the image on your phone for handy when you don’t have WiFi.

Now, if you complete this bodyweight booty workout, I’d love to know if you felt the burn!

Let me know how it felt to do these butt-toning exercises by leaving me a comment and tell me what other workouts you’d like to see!

Did you enjoy this workout? Take a look at my 4-week core strengthening program, Restore The Core.

You can also find 25+ free workouts in this post.

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