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10 Best Fitness Tools Under $30

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Are you wanting to lose weight or level up your fitness while on a budget? Here are the 10 best fitness tools under $30!

Hello hello!

My name is Chantal, and I’m a mom of two and NASM certified personal trainer as well as a certified nutrition coach!

I’m also a homemaker right now, which means a lot of sacrifices financially.

I’m on a pretty strict budget when it comes to any “extras,” even though fitness is super important to me.

If you’re in a similar boat, this one’s for you!

Personally, I think that fitness tools are a worthy investment.

While I can easily justify my fitness equipment purchases as a personal trainer, I truly believe that what you spend your money on is what you value. It speaks volumes!

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However, you don’t need to get crazy with expensive equipment. Don’t fall into the trap that says you constantly need the latest fitness invention.

You really just need a few basics – and they should last for years.

Truly – you can lose weight, tone up, and get healthy with simple tools.

In this post, I want to highlight some of the best fitness tools under $30.

(Because this here blog is for real people!)

I hope this helps and inspires you! So let’s get to it. Here are the best fitness tools under $30.

10 Best Fitness Tools Under $30

1. Set of Dumbbells

Not only are there thousands of things that you can do with dumbbells, they are simply fundamental training pieces. For under $30, you can a set of 8 pound dumbbells or lighter. (With quite a few to choose from!)

For most people just starting out with exercise, this will be enough.

Tip: Used exercise equipment can often be found at garage sales and Craigslist for even cheaper!

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2. Resistance tubes

There are a LOT of different exercises that you can do with resistance tubes. But perhaps one of the best reasons to have a set is storage and convenience!

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These tubes come in different resistance levels, are easy to travel with, and take up very little space in your home.

Buy them in a multi-pack for the best value!

3. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is something that I consider essential for home workouts & stretching. It’s a life-saver for floor work. It will save your knees and spine from pain when stretching and more.

(And if you’re like me, it will save you from dog hair and unknowns on the floor. I have kids, okay.)

Grab yourself a classic yoga mat with a carrying sling for the best deal.

4. Booty Bands / Mini Bands

These little resistance bands are especially great for glute work, squats, and other lower body exercises.

They are similar to the tubes in that they come in multi-packs with different levels of resistance, but they are wide and much shorter in length.

Like the resistance tubes, they also travel really well as they are super small and lightweight.

Get yourself a variety pack with a little carrying bag! Once you learn a few exercises that you can do with mini bands, you’ll understand the value and keep them handy for sure!

5. Kettlebell

Kettlebells are great for HIIT training and lower body work at home. But did you know that basic kettlebell swings recruit muscles from every major part of your body?

That means that you can get a great workout in a confined place with swings alone!

Of course, there are many things you can do with a single kettlebell. Helllllo ab work.

Here are a few affordable kettlebells to choose from!

6. Slam Ball

I LOVE me a good slam ball. They are good for cardio, upper body workouts, and core work.

While they don’t travel super easily, they don’t take up much space, so they are still a great option for the price!

Grab yourself a 10 lb slam ball for under $30 here.

7. Jump Rope

A jump rope is a great tool because you can get some serious cardio in and it takes up a very tiny amount of space.

A jump rope would be easy to travel with and is super affordable. Get one here!

And also find a weighted jump rope here – it will make your workouts just a little more challenging!

8. Ab Wheel

I personally think that there’s a time and a place for ab wheels. (For example, not recommended when you are newly postpartum.)

However, they are a great little tool to keep handy when working on abdominal strength. You can snag your own ab wheel here.

9. Pilates Bar w/Resistance Bands

These are a fun & affordable contraption that can help you do a variety of exercises. Check them out here.

10. Sliders

I truly enjoy slider exercises for core work and recommend that everyone has a set! Why?

Because they are super affordable, travel easily, and they take up the tiniest bit of space! (I keep mine in a drawer since they’re flat.)

Once you learn different exercises, you’ll see the value of having your very own pair!

That’s it folks!

These here are the best fitness tools under $30.

Until next time,


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