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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

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Have you ever thought about hiring a personal trainer? Is it worth it to hire a personal trainer? Here are 10 top benefits of having a personal trainer. 

benefits of having a personal trainer

Should I get a personal trainer to lose weight? What are the benefits of hiring a personal trainer? Is it worth it?

These are all questions I asked myself at one point in time. In late 2014, I started working out with a personal trainer for the first time.

I actually opted to pay for small group training, which meant that sometimes I’d work out with up to two other people.

However, most of my sessions were one-on-one, and I enjoyed both my private time with a trainer and my time with others.

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

After having my daughter in early 2014, I turned to a personal trainer when I found myself struggling to lose baby weight. On top of that, my gym offered childcare for a low $15 per month.

That meant that I could potentially be paying $0.62 per day that I brought her in, or $0.31 per hour, assuming I came in every time childcare was offered. That was nothing short of a steal.

Does personal training work? I found out many things about myself and fitness during that time, and have since worked with another personal trainer. I actually loved personal trainers so much that I just became one myself.

If you have experience hiring a personal trainer, maybe you know what I mean about learning so much.

There are many advantages of personal training. Does personal training really work? If you’ve never worked out with a trainer before, here are ten important reasons you might consider it.

the top 10 benefits of having a personal trainer

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Is Personal Training for You? Things to Consider

Hiring a personal trainer can be a great investment in your health and fitness journey, but it’s important to determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

Here are some factors to consider on your part when deciding whether to hire a personal trainer:

Fitness Goals:

Evaluate your fitness goals and determine if they align with what a personal trainer can offer. Personal trainers are knowledgeable in various areas such as weight loss, strength training, endurance, and overall fitness.

If you have specific goals that require expertise and guidance, a personal trainer can provide customized workouts and help you stay focused.

Motivation and Accountability:

Consider your level of self-motivation and accountability.

If you struggle to stay consistent with your fitness routine or find it challenging to push yourself during workouts, a personal trainer can provide the necessary motivation and hold you accountable.

They can create tailored workout plans, track your progress, and provide ongoing support and encouragement.

Knowledge and Education:

Assess your current knowledge and understanding of exercise techniques, proper form, and fitness principles.

Personal trainers are trained professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of exercise science, anatomy, and nutrition.

If you’re new to fitness or want to enhance your understanding, hiring a personal trainer can help you learn correct techniques, prevent injuries, and optimize your workouts.

Time and Availability:

Consider your schedule and availability for training sessions. Personal trainers often work within specific time slots, so ensure that you have the time to commit to regular sessions.

Additionally, factor in the time it takes to travel to the gym or training location if applicable.


Evaluate your financial situation and determine if hiring a personal trainer fits within your budget.

Personal training services can vary in cost depending on factors such as location, expertise, and session frequency.

Determine the value you place on the potential benefits of having a personal trainer and weigh it against your budgetary considerations.

Personal Preference:

Reflect on your personal preference for working out alone or with a professional guiding you.

Some individuals thrive in group settings or enjoy the camaraderie of workout partners, while others prefer the individual attention and focus that a personal trainer provides.

Consider which environment would best support your fitness journey.

Ultimately, the decision to hire a personal trainer depends on your individual circumstances and goals.

You may also want to consider scheduling a consultation or trial session with a trainer to discuss your objectives, ask questions, and assess if you feel comfortable working together.

This can help you make a more informed decision about whether hiring a personal trainer is the right choice for you.

All of that being said, here’s how having a personal trainer can help you.

Consider hiring a personal trainer if you need fitness motivation, weight loss help, fitspo, and more.

Top 10 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

You already know that I believe that there are many ways in which hiring a personal trainer is beneficial for more than just weight loss. Why should you hire a personal trainer? Here are many of those reasons.

1. Motivation

Like anyone else, you’ll find that there are times when you just don’t want to work out. Personal trainers have magical powers that sense your unenthusiastic attitude and help you push through it.

Plus, when you’re doubting your ability to complete a task or workout, your trainer will help you get it done.

Because a good trainer will only ask you to do something they know you can – they have more confidence in you than you might have in yourself.

2. Learning how to use the equipment

One of the top advantages of personal training. If you didn’t grow up in sports or fitness (I didn’t), you have no idea how to use half of the equipment in the gym.

You also probably don’t know the names of muscles or how to make things harder or easier.

That can be intimidating and cause you to skip certain machines or tools for fear of “looking stupid” at the gym.

Hiring a personal trainer will help you learn about everything that’s available to you – so that you’re equipped for times when you’re ridin’ solo.

3. Clarifying misconceptions

There’s a lot of hype and JUNK out there in the health and fitness industry. Is it worth it to hire a personal trainer? I think that the knowledge alone is worth it. I feel so strongly about it that I wrote a whole post about it.

Anyway, your personal trainer is held to a standard that most fitness influencers and companies aren’t – they need to be certified.

And being certified means that even though they might not have a Bachelor’s degree, they need to learn quite a bit about exercise science and nutrition to become a trainer.

Your trainer can help clarify what health trends are well, actually healthy and effective.

4. Camaraderie

Even if you aren’t working out with a small group, knowing a personal trainer is like having an automatic friend. They’ll likely introduce you to other gym employees and maybe even other clients that have similar goals.

A friendly face at the gym will help you have positive feelings about exercise and that’s really important.

5. Accountability

My trainer used to not only send me a text to check on me in between sessions, but she also used to occasionally monitor my MyFitnessPal account!

Good trainers will make you want to be accountable because you have someone else rooting for you. They’ll call you out when they see you selling yourself short, too.

6. Self-esteem

It’s not a trainer’s job to directly help you gain self-esteem, but the good ones will do it naturally, in my opinion. That’s because they can see things we can’t always see about ourselves – like how capable we really are!

Our bodies can usually go a lot further and work harder than we tell them too. When you work with a personal trainer, every little accomplishment will start to build your self-esteem. Your trainer notices things you might not!

7. Personalized support

A good personal trainer will find a good balance between friend and teacher. If you let them in a little bit, your trainer can offer more personalized support.

This means they’re more likely to pick up on it when you’re starting to slack, lack enthusiasm, or are emotionally drained.

For example, at the beginning of my work with my last personal trainer, I was honest about being depressed and wanting to get healthy for my daughter.

Then, when I missed a session, she was able to draw from those specific things in my life to inspire me and get me back in the gym.

8. A personalized fitness plan

You can surf the internet for free workouts, but there are two problems. First, a huge amount of them were not designed by fitness professionals.

Secondly, they weren’t designed for YOU. While just moving your body and overall exercise is important, I believe that correcting imbalances and strengthening specific weak muscles is key.

A personal trainer can identify your exact needs and strengths and help you where you need it most. Plus, they’re able to make adaptations for you specifically.

9. No judgment

Personal trainers understand that people from all walks of life will become their clients. Most of them are so passionate about helping you that they are going to be your biggest fans.

No matter what you look like or think you can or can’t accomplish, your trainer will hold you in high regard and won’t judge your shortcomings. That’s the opposite of what they’re trying to do!

10. Being at the forefront of industry trends

There are always new fads. (Waist trainers, anyone?) Personal trainers are required to take continuing education courses or workshops to maintain their certifications.

That means that they’re constantly learning.

Since fitness and nutrition are actually sciences, you’ll probably learn a lot just from the new things your trainer learns and applies. That means you can be challenged continually.

Have you ever thought about hiring a personal trainer before? Tell me why or why not below!

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  1. I’ve had a personal trainer before and it was incredibly helpful. ESPECIALLY, for me, for the accountability and support. I loved having someone right there to tell me if my form was right or to encourage me to get those extra reps in. Definitely worth the investment!

  2. I would LOVE to have a personal trainer. I think it would be extremely helpful to have someone pushing me to work my butt off, and remind me of the results I’ll see!

  3. I’ve used personal trainers many times and they are great. I think the number one thing they do for me is motivation. The personal trainers I have had definitely make me want to put in that extra effort. Accountability is a close second for me as I feel guilty if I don’t show up and give it my all ( I would feel really guilty if I sat home and ate a packet of Bon Bons 🙂 )

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