10 Reasons I Will Never Be a BeachBody Coach

Are you doing research on MLMs such as BeachBody? Has anyone ever tried to convince you to become a BeachBody Coach? After many coaching offers and a lot of research, I’m putting my foot down. Here are my ten reasons I will never be a BeachBody Coach. Please note: this post may contain affiliate links.

Y’all, I have something to get off my chest today.

Ever since joining Instagram, I have been inundated by women “fake” following me.

And by fake following me, I don’t mean that these are fake people. These are real people that are truly following me, but they are doing so with an ulterior motive.

Maybe you’ve had it happen to you…

It starts by these people liking every one of your posts. Then it goes to making comments about how cute your kids are. Then it’s something like, “I really like your vibe,” or, “I can totally relate.”

For me, this is how it begins. I start out thinking that these women are like me in some way, and are genuinely interested in what I have to share.

So I follow these women back. I fall for the initial “connection” that we have based on mutual interests such as postpartum fitness or motherhood in general.

Then, BAM.

I get a Direct Message saying, “Hey lady, I really like your content and I think you’d be a great on my team. You can work from home and set your own hours!”

Or sometimes I get a slightly more transparent message saying, “Hey have you tried BeachBody before? I think you’d be a really great coach.”

And that’s annoying, because they’ve finally revealed that they’re actually just following me in order to pitch me on something.

And let me tell you something…I will never be a BeachBody coach. I’ll get to that soon.

But what’s worst is when these followers act like they aren’t a BeachBody coach and string you along inviting you to participate in some amazing business opportunity. They send you an email or a DM about what they do and never ever say anything about BeachBody. They just say they’re a, “coach.”

So your interest is peaked and you agree to watch their little intro video. You watch a 30 – minute informational video about their “opportunity” and they don’t mention BeachBody until the very end. (If at all.)

And they do it shamelessly.


I have reached a point on Instagram (though I’ve been pitched on other platforms) where I am starting to block stalker BeachBody coaches.

And how do I know if they are BeachBody coaches?


Well, I have been pitched so many times about this “wonderful opportunity” that I know the way those coaches work.

They’re sneaky. They don’t talk about BeachBody & they don’t hashtag anything. They just say, “I love my life because of coaching,” and other super vague things. I have spent a lot of time reading posts and following people who I thought were cool until they DM’d me about BeachBody. Honestly, I know they are mostly great people (probably) who are just trying to make a buck, but, I think that there are other ways.

I admit, their sly way of inviting people to generate income and get healthy has peaked my interest. Embarrassingly, I have fallen for it many times. But now as soon as you say the words, “BeachBody,” I shy away.


Because I have done a LOT of research about that company. And let me tell you, it’s just not for me. I will never be a BeachBody Coach. 

For Those Curious Souls Who Fell For It Too

If you’ve found yourself reading this post, you’re probably doing your own research right now. You either need a way to make extra cash and stumbled upon the amazing BeachBody opportunity,  or you’ve been pitched by a coach….or ten.

Luckily, I too, have fallen prey to the company, the coaches, and their promises…HA. 

So, today I bring to you my top 10 reasons that I would personally never ever be a BeachBody coach. Hopefully it saves you some grief (and time). 

*P.S. I am not writing this to bash any human beings that might be coaches, rather, I write in hopes that this post will help someone out there make a good decision about whether or not to become a BeachBody coach.

Has anyone tried to get you to become a BeachBody coach? Here's why I'll never Be a BeachBody coach. I'll give you answers to all of your burning questions about becoming a BeachBody coach, how much money can you make as a BeachBody coach and more.

10 Reasons I Will Never Be a Beachbody Coach

1. They Push Sales So Hard It Puts a Bad Taste In Your Mouth

All MLMs (multi-level marketing companies) are like this by nature, but BeachBody has just gone overboard. I’ve begun to think that they only care about their bottom lines (and who can become a Diamond blah blah blah coach). They really don’t care about people – customers and coaches included. Why do I say this? Because in truth, they aren’t even in the business of helping people. They make the most money when they build their teams of coaches, so they aren’t even really out there trying to help people be healthy. This is just my opinion, but based on what I have read about their “teams” and how the coaches are forced to buy into the company, it’s a pretty solid opinion. 

2. Shakeology and Related Products Will Never Replace Real Food

Yes, I have tried Shakeology and I kind of wanted to puke. As a personal trainer I only take the best of the best supplements and after trying Supplement RX, nothing else comes close. I have heard great things about the newer BeachBody workouts (I’ve tried PIYO but wasn’t a fan), but the quality of the supplements/shakes is questionable at best. And really, no matter what kind of supplements you take, they are never ever going to be able to replace real food. (That’s why they’re called supplements!) I also don’t believe that meal replacements and many other supplements are something most people can afford long-term. It’s just not realistic. The bottom line: You’ll never convince me that these products are good enough to quit eating real food. 

3. You Might Become A Slave to The Company

It doesn’t take much digging online to find countless stories from bitter ex-coaches who felt they gave their life to BeachBody and never reaped any rewards. You’ll actually mostly find those types of stories. Can you even be a BeachBody coach successfully without putting yourself out there day in and day out? Nope. Most stories I read involve people who felt pushed to sell so hard that they felt uncomfortable – and never even saw the cashflow that originally motivated them. So unless you truly believe in their products, why be a BeachBody coach?

4. The Numbers Are Clear

If you haven’t already, take a look at what it means to be a BeachBody coach financially. Their Statement of Independent Earnings is readily available via their website. If you look closely, the average annual earnings for an Emerald coach (80.8% of all coaches are in this rank) are $3,062, and the average coach has been operating for nearly 3 years. So to me that translates to making about $255.17 per month with BeachBody, even after having worked as a coach for nearly three years.


I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just work a regular job where I didn’t have to be sales-y and shove my products down everyone’s throat. Sorrynotsorry. Yes, you CAN make good money, but we’re talking about 1.2 percent of ALL coaches making a healthy sum ($100,000+ annually) while coaching.

5. You Just Aren’t Unique – Sorry

According to their website, there are over 350,000 coaches, so if you want to be a BeachBody coach millionaire, keep that in mind. 😉 You’ll be competing with other coaches who are trying to grow their own businesses. Along with that, you won’t likely be the first person to introduce BeachBody’s products to your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and complete strangers. If you’re someone who never thinks they want to have their own business or sell their own products, maybe that’s okay. For me, personally, this is kind of a deal-breaker. I’d rather be self-made.

6. The Company is Going Downhill

Yikes, did she really go there? Yep. While BeachBody has been around for awhile (since 1998), it has seen it’s better days. While they might still be making over a billion in annual gross sales, people are starting to catch on to them. Like I mentioned before, they are making a lot of money off of their own coaches rather than the products they sell. And many of those coaches are dropping out and exposing the truth about BeachBody. How long before their reputation kills them? I personally would not want to invest my time and money in something that was so iffy on the long-term front.

7. Wouldn’t You Rather Sell Something You Really Believe In?

There is nothing better than selling something you believe in. And while many people are big into BeachBody, I’m not convinced that even the people who sell their products believe in them. If the products were so great, wouldn’t they sell themselves? Why would we need to push for so many coaches and new sales? Why would building your own team of coaches be so important? In my opinion, truly great companies and truly great products speak for themselves. Wouldn’t you rather sell something you really believe in?

8. There Are Too Many Bad Stories Out There

This was one of the BIGGEST red flags for me. The reason I ultimately decided I’d never be a BeachBody coach was due to the overwhelming amount of personal accounts from ex-BeachBody coaches who had negative experiences. I’ve seen everything. People who felt they worked their butts off and didn’t ever get a decent paycheck. Or people who had to work with unprofessional team members who started drama. People who felt really uncomfortable with the business structure and the overall “pushiness” of it all. And people who felt like a small fish in the big sea of BeachBody coaches…

Overall there was just too much negativity attached to the company, and I didn’t even go into the legal issues they’ve had or the quality of their products. Yikes. If you want to take a look yourself, here are just a few personal anecdotes I found…

9. Little Return On Investment

If you’re going to sell something that’s not your own, the bigger the profit margin the better, right? When you are a BeachBody coach, you are earning money based on a commission. You also have a minimum amount of monthly sales you need to make in order to stay in business. According to their site your commission is only 25% for retail sales! Talk about a lot of pressure! Personally, I know that I can make way more money selling my own products online. I discovered that I can make money blogging and that my profit margin is HUGE if I sell my own products compared to selling other stuff. That’s because there isn’t a middle man! Plus, if I find other products I want to sell because I believe in them, I can pick and choose based on criteria I set.

On TOP of all that, let’s talk about your investment in TIME. Your OPPORTUNITY COST. The time you could be spending on something else (like other opportunities or building your own independent business). I have heard from countless ex-coaches who felt that that the amount of time they spent trying to sell BeachBody products or build a team of coaches did not reflect the financial compensation they received. Hmm.

10. Being Your Own Human Is Cooler

Honestly, I have discovered that if you want to be truly successful, you need to do your own thing. Why? Because you are unique and people will see right through your sales-y crap if you feel pressure to sell things you don’t believe in. When you truly believe in a product, people will see that…and buy into it. They want to be a part of it. That’s so much better than pressuring people into things. Offer a unique product or at least something that you truly believe in! Genuineness sells. 

What You Can Do Instead

Would you believe me if I said you could easily start your own business with under $150? And that it could be focused on anything you want? It’s true! I make money online every month with this very blog! You can do that too! And the best part??? Your income is uncapped and you can work anytime, anywhere!

Here are some resources if you’re interested:

So, are you still thinking you want to be a BeachBody coach?

Tell me what research you’ve found and if this post changed your mind about anything! I know it was a little harsh but I hope it helps someone out there!


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  1. Bri October 2, 2018 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Thank you!!!! I used to get hounded the same way. Another thing that I find horrible is that they can call themselves a health coach when they’re really just trained to sell a product. It makes it hard for people like me (a RN and CERTIFIED Health Coach) to tell people that I really am a coach and I’m not selling them a product. Not to mention their products contain harmful toxins too.

    • Chantal | Ironwild Fitness October 4, 2018 at 6:56 am - Reply

      Yes!! ANYONE can be a “coach” and it makes it hard for people to know who to trust as well as making it hard for actual coaches. Can I ask who you went through to get your health coach cert? 🙂

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