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Chantal | Ironwild Fitness

Mom, personal trainer, blogging geek, garden nerd, and homestead dreamer. Working towards a healthier life - using my blog to get there!

One Year Postpartum Body Update

postpartum body comparison from before i had kids

Read my one year postpartum body update to get a real, no-bull example of the ups and downs that come with postpartum fitness!  As some of you remember, I shared my postpartum body stats at eight weeks postpartum in March 2018. (Find the post here.) I considered eight weeks postpartum my “starting” point because after […]

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December 2018 Fitness Blog Income Report

fitness blog income report

I am resuming the monthly fitness blog income report, so be sure to subscribe for my monthly updates! Hi everyone! I know this fitness blog income report is a little late but I wanted to share it in hopes of catching up. By now you probably know that much of what I do is trial-and-error […]

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