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I’m Chantal

Welcome to Ironwild Fitness. This site started out as my personal fitness blog back in 2017. I originally started it for my own accountability and mental health, but it has evolved into even more! I have always loved to write, but it’s been hard to box myself into one “niche” in the blogging world.

While I’m still a certified personal trainer/nutrition coach and I love to write about fitness, there are other things I enjoy too!

You can find articles about homemaking, parenting, gardening, and more here! That’s because I have a unique philosophy about what it means to be healthy.

I believe that being truly healthy is all about balance. You know, better eating, more movement, and healthy family life.

I also believe that being more self-sufficient is a huge part of being healthy. That’s where the homemaking aspect comes into play.

If we all moved a little more and ate at home more, we would all be healthier! Imagine what would happen to our society if we all cooked our own food?! What if we used our bodies to take care of gardens, babies, and our homes? I like to imagine that we’d all be more healthy and fulfilled!

This website is a reflection of this overall idea, but it’s ultimately just where all of my ideas about healthy living come together. Thank you for being here!

Ways I can help

Need fitness tips? Recipe ideas? Home workouts? Want to get in contact? I got you, sis!

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