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2022 Goals & Resolutions

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Hi there! Are you making any big goals for the new year? Here are my 2022 goals and resolutions for fitness, finances, and more.

Hello, I’m Chantal – welcome to my site!

This blog is my online journal for everything fitness, but I also have a lot of personal stuff here. As much as I love to share fitness tips and workouts, I like to remind people that I am a real human writing this little blog.

So if you’re just here to read my resolutions, go ahead and skip down past all this personal stuff. 🙂

(For context, I’m a mom of two and NASM certified personal trainer.)

The new year is exciting for many of us, and I’m no exception.

The last few years feel like a big blur, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not hoping for better out of 2022.

Aside from the pandemic, our family went through a lot of changes. Those changes were hard on us and we have all suffered a bit from them.

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We moved away from our hometown about 6 months before the “VID” officially began. Just as my daughter was settling into her new school, it got shut down and we were homeschooling together.

2022 goals and resolutions

Then, since we were in a rental, we decided to buy a house in a nearby town. This meant another move and a new school for my daughter again.

But since they were doing online school, we kept her homeschooling in earnest for awhile until they reopened. (Lots of back and forth from the schools.)

Later, my husband started a new business since “the VID” had slowed down his regular job. That new business had him back and forth to our hometown.

Long story short, we ended up having to move back to our hometown again after less than two years away.

So, we’d been at the in-laws, a rental, our own house, and back to the in-laws all in less than two years.

It’s been the hardest on the kids, and the mom-guilt is real. With Oregon being one of the strictest in terms of “VID” rules, the schools are under constant threat of being shut down for quarantine.

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I got so sick of the back and forth (in-school learning to distance learning) that I just unenrolled my daughter from any and all schools until they can figure their shit out.

The distance learning was SO bad that I felt confident that I could do better for her. (I sat in on some of the “classes.” Too much sitting around talking, not enough learning.)


We have also struggled by not having our own kitchen and space in general. While we’re busy looking for a house now, we’re still with the in-laws.

It’s become very hard to cook and keep healthy foods in the house since we have to share a fridge and cabinet space, as well as kitchen time with others.

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Not only this, but I no longer have room for my exercise equipment in this living situation. Help!

In general, I don’t recommend moving in with your parents in your 30s. Lol.

The point isn’t to complain, it’s just been a hard year or two for our family. We really thrive off of a stable home life and consistent schedules, and therein lies our biggest struggle.

Going into 2022, our biggest goal is to buy a house.

Like ASAP. With the market the way it is in Oregon, it might be tough. But we’re determined to get the kids’ lives back on track.

After that, I dream of a nice workout space and a fridge and pantry filled with healthy foods. I can’t wait to have my own kitchen again!

I did, however, set some goals and resolutions for fitness and finances for 2022.

While I’m not huge on crazy, massive New Year’s Resolutions, I do love a fresh year!

Let’s take a look.

2022 goals & resolutions

Fitness Goals

This year, I set some pretty achievable goals after years and years of setting crazy ones. Here they are:

  • Get my body fat percentage back into a healthy range. (Less than 30%.)
  • End the year under 155 lbs.
  • Exercise a minimum of 2x per week.

A little explanation is due. Even though I only weigh 165ish pounds, that’s too high for my height. My body fat is too high, and I’m due for some serious weight training this year.

I could stand to lose closer to 20 pounds, but since I plan on putting muscle on while losing, I left room for muscle mass gains.

I know that my body composition can change a LOT with even small changes in weight. Weight is NOT everything!

And I know that working out just 2x per week doesn’t sound like a lot, but this is an average. I’m also not counting regular casual walks as workouts.

I’m certain that there will be weeks where exercise is a bit hard – maybe due to sickness/life/etc. (I’m prone to back injuries too.)

So while some weeks I may exercise four times, I know that life happens.

I want my goals to be super achievable, and the idea is to compound on them year after year.

Financial GOals

This is my first year getting really serious about financial goals. I’m in my 30s now, and it seems increasingly important.

While I have been contributing to my retirement and savings with the money that I make from this blog each month, I really want to level up there.

I’m spending a lot of time learning about long-term investments and wealth-building.

I have a long way to go, but I’m aiming to add $1200 or more to my IRA this year (with just blog money) and $1200+ to savings from this blog.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but this is just savings from my blog earnings for me personally. Not our family’s total savings. For my personal goals, I’ll need to take a minimum of $200 per month.

That sounds easy enough, but my blog income isn’t exactly making me a millionaire right now. Lol..

Blog Goals

This is a hard one. Pinterest and Google have really made it hard on bloggers in recent years.

In 2014-2019, I enjoyed a lot of traffic and a lot of growth with a small amount of effort. I was getting over 30,000 visits to my blog from Pinterest alone monthly. (Sometimes this number was closer to 50,000.)

Since I was doing well with traffic, I didn’t focus enough on Google as a traffic source.

Then, both Google and Pinterest changed their algorithms.

They are no longer in favor of the average content creator (who BTW, built the internet). Pinterest is all about product shopping now, and it’s a lot more “pay to play” like Facebook.

Now, in order to keep up with Pinterest changes, I have to constantly test and create pins. In short, I have to do a LOT more work for way less traffic. Back in the day, you could kind of “hack” a strategy that works and see results.

These days, you can test a strategy as much as you want, but you will only be forced to change it.

Pinterest wants NEW and DIFFERENT regularly.

And while I have increased my Google efforts big-time, it still doesn’t bring me enough traffic. My ad income has tanked from $800-ish per month to $300 monthly.

I’m still grateful for that chunk, but it’s hard to justify the amount of work I’m doing at that price.

While I have tried venturing into other revenue streams (like my at-home workout programs) I am just not a huge fan of all the troubleshooting that comes with it.

Ad and affiliate income is my absolute favorite because they are both semi-passive.

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So as far as the blog goes, my only goals are to improve my ad income over last year (it was just under $7,000) and keep writing! I could set other goals, but my life is busy and this is my “passion project.”

I don’t want to lose the joy of blogging to high-pressure income goals.

Beating last year’s ad revenue will be hard if I don’t hack some new traffic strategies though. I did the math, and I’d have to earn at least $18 per day to make as much as I did last year in ads.

That’s a several dollars higher than what I’ve been averaging lately. I have my work cut out for me!

So, there you have it my friends!

My 2022 goals and resolutions are set. They are attainable instead of extreme, and I’m sure that I can reach them if I work hard!

What are your2022 goals and resolutions? Feel free to share them with me – I love accountability partners!

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