How to Have a Chemical-Free Home (+ How it Helps With Fitness)

Going to a chemical-free home with natural household and beauty products helped me realize that health has many meanings. Here's how to go chemical-free, and how going natural can help you on your fitness journey, too. Note: This post contains affiliate links for The Grove Collaborative, which is where most of my natural products come [...]

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What is Affiliate Marketing? (Plus the Easiest Way to Start)

What is affiliate marketing? Are you new to the idea? Here's the easiest way to get started - and an explanation of this important marketing technique. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Whether you're a blogger, social media influencer, or both, affiliate marketing may be a key component for your business. It's the way that [...]

Easy Healthy Overnight Oats Recipe

Looking for an easy & healthy overnight oats recipe? This recipe uses just three items - it's quick, easy, and you can customize it how you like! Note: This post contains affiliate links. Lately the words "easy" and "fast" are music to my ears. Most of you know that I just had a baby in [...]

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